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Seven Ocean teaches you to understand image measuring instrument measurement

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Image measuring instrument is also called secondary yuan image measuring instrument, two-dimensional image measuring instrument, precision image type mapper, the image of surveying and mapping instrument, make up for the deficiency of the traditional projector image measuring instrument, it is a collection of the electricity, machine, light, computer image technology in a whole new type of high precision, high-tech measuring instruments. Image measuring instrument to approach is with the optical microscope high-magnification optical amplification imaging detection object, through the CCD camera system to send its enlarged object images to a computer, can effectively detect all kinds of complicated workpiece contour and surface shape of size, Angle and position, especially the precision parts of microscopic inspection and quality control. Image measuring instrument can measure data input directly to the AUTOCUD, become a complete engineering drawing, these graphics can generate DXF document, or you can enter into WORD, EXCEL, statistical analysis, and find out the Ca and other parameters. Measurement is the first to enter the Chinese mainland production Sevenocean international professional brand image measuring instrument, has been leading in technology industry image measurement, the image measuring instrument in the domestic NO. 1, is one of China's leading supplier of image measuring machine.

Modern image measuring instrument is on front of powerful computing ability is done in real time. It is based on the basis of CCD digital image, on the computer screen measuring technology and space geometry processing ability of powerful software. The ability to use the CCD digital image, through the computer software operations, meet the need of complex measurement precision instrument is the true sense of image measuring instrument. In this way, the image measuring instrument can quickly read the optical ruler displacement value, through the establishment of software module on the basis of geometric operations, in the space moments to come to the result, and produce image on the screen, for the operator to figure shadow contrast, so that they can directly distinguish whether there is any deviation of measurement results, to facilitate timely correcting. According to understand, video measuring instrument of computer not only just a simple image registration and numerical display, more important is can make the space geometry processing, graphical display, dimensioning, the basic function such as CAD graphics output. Sevenocean measurement using sea, kang group of measurement resources and technical advantages, the introduction of advanced machinery, electronics, probe, the new control technology, software, new technologies, such as sensors, increase investment in research and development, internationalization of the introduction of modern enterprise management system, for the Chinese users with optimal cost-effective, efficient and reliable new optical image products, and provide the best after-sales service, as well as the global optical image market with new products.

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