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Seven Ocean measuring teaches you the classification of image measuring instrument

source: type: Technical Knowledge Time:2014-02-09 15:50:43

Image measuring instrument can be divided into manual image measuring instrument and automatic image measurement instrument.

Here is to teach you to understand the manual is measured by the Seven ocean image measuring instrument and automatic image measuring instrument:

1, manual image measuring instrument

Manual image measuring instrument is the need to operating personnel manual operation to the mobile platform, mediation level of magnification and focus in the lens, it requires people to participate in the survey. Manual image measuring instrument of its structure is relatively simple, relatively low prices, has high precision, suitable for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has its drawbacks as well as that will cause the measured in bulk measurement error may reach within 3 um. Manual image measuring instrument has a good reputation in the domestic market, that is measuring Seven ocean. Seven ocean measurement Mini Scope is the only a true sense of the portable video measuring machine (which almost no mechanical error).

2, automatic image measuring instrument

Automatic image measuring instrument is a combination of af and regional search, target, edge extraction, click on the horse characteristics of fuzzy operators realize the artificial intelligence, also can be automatically corrected by the differences of workpiece and walk a difference caused by the deviation to achieve accurate choosing, and have high accuracy repeatability. Automatic image measuring instrument for domestic first seven sea. Seven seas of measuring instruments in terms of its various aspects performance is very strong indeed. Seven sea image measuring instrument can be carried out from different location precision measurement, sensitive and reliable positioning accuracy, high precision motion. Seven seas measurement is the first to launch electric CNC automatic measurement of image measuring instrument, has been leading in technology industry image measurement, the image measuring instrument in the domestic NO. 1, is one of China's leading supplier of image measuring machine.

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