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The application of image measuring instrument and USES

source: sevenocean type: Technical Knowledge Time:2014-02-09 15:54:34

Image measuring instrument can be divided into manual image measuring instrument and automatic image measuring instrument, their applications and are more widely used. Seven ocean measurement for you to introduce the application of image measuring instrument to use.

Manual image measuring instrument usage and application: manual image measuring instrument for stamping parts, plastic parts, thin layers, easy to deformation, easy to damage, and small size workpieces non-contact measurement, such as rubber, plastic, hardware, watches and clocks, light industry and other industries of workpiece measurement, and in plastic, machinery, electronics, machinery and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Automatic image measurement instrument USES and applications: automatic image measuring instrument belongs to the optical non-contact measurement, and contact measurement of coordinate measuring machine, by contrast, automatic image measuring instrument is more suitable for rubber, plastic, hardware, watches and clocks, light industry and other industries of workpiece measurement. Automatic image measuring instrument in electronics, machinery, instruments, clocks and watches, light industry, military industry, aerospace and other industries have extensive application, in institutions of higher learning, research institute, laboratory, measuring room and metrological verification department production workshop and other industries also has a wide range of applications. With nearly 20 years of technology development, expanding the application scope of automatic image measuring instrument, can also be on plane of complex shape workpiece contour precision measurement and surface shape.

"Measuring Seven ocean" products are widely used in communications, electronics, automobile, plastic, machinery processing industries, and can according to user's specific needs and quickly provide customized products and solutions, and continuously lead the Chinese image measurement industry reached new highs, and become one of China's leading supplier of image measuring machine.

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