Video product sales engineer

Job responsibilities:


1, responsible for the area under the jurisdiction of the product sales task, achieve sales target;


2, carry out and implement company's sales and marketing plan;


3, the company's resources, establish and develop key industrial customers, establish a long-term stable business relationship;


4, set up and maintain company's brand and image, to carry out the enterprise culture.




Job requirements:


1, college degree or above, age 25 to 35;


2, engaged in more than 2 years measurement products (three coordinate measuring machine) or image (image measuring instrument) sales work, have rich experience in channel development has extensive resources channel construction, can quickly set up sales channels or national sales network;


3, good presentation skills;


4 and understand the characteristics of the peers of similar products and price system.


Interview: guangdong province shenzhen baoan district fuyong peace street community garden all the way and the industrial area

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