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Seven Ocean new image measurement machine

source: type: Trade News Time:2014-01-17 17:18:32

The 12th 2011 shenzhen international mobile phone industry exhibition, Seven Ocean company of small tour image measurement products "Smart". This is the sea, aokang group bought Seven ocean ray electricity "seven sea measurement" combined with Sweden, the sea, and the Seven ocean ray electric technology to launch a new product.

"Smart" light quality, strong rigidity, simple application. Can be used for small size below the 100 x100 workpiece measurement, shape size for: x440x662 350 mm. Workbench bearing 10 kg, the machine 34 kg weight, grating feet resolution 0.5 mu m, measurement accuracy (3.0 + L / 150) microns, USES a continuous variable times 0.7 4.5 X manual lens, high resolution a third color CCD camera. "the total magnification of 15-112 - X X.

It is compact and beautiful appearance design, humanization of industrial design to ensure the international grade; High-strength aluminum alloy structure, to ensure the best quality than rigidity, easy to carry. Unique to the center of the turntable technology application, operation convenience; Double precision all aviation aluminum table, is the important guarantee of machine accuracy and long-term stability; No tooth polished rod transmission with high precision, reduce the mechanical displacement error; LED cold light source (light and contour light) to avoid being rodman thermal deformation; Collocation is simple and practical measuring Seven ocean  EF Lite software has its own independent property rights.

Smart with large stroke image measuring machine all functions. There are language cloud: the sparrow is small all-sided, this is the best portrayal of Smart machines.

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