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Professional high precision image measuring instrument, measuring Seven Ocean

source: type: Trade News Time:2014-02-10 11:37:14

Seven ocean measuring image measuring instrument is a professional high precision image measuring instrument, focus on working with optical image measurement, visual detection technology research and development, accumulated years of experience in research and development, the pursuit to technology and function of optical image measurement system innovation, break through the traditional restrictions, especially in the 2008 world's first "mask technology measurement system" the most representative and influential.

Mask technology GM7060 ultra-high precision image measuring instrument, the product features: pedestal, column, table the whole machine adopts precision grade 00 granite, reduce the deformation coefficient, high stability; High precision servo motor drive; Seven seas exclusive patent mask technology measuring instrument, optical ruler and encoder, without the abbe error, accuracy is not hand mechanical error of image; Technological breakthroughs, cantilever large travel image measuring instrument, high precision, no accumulated error; Can match the laser probe applications. With Seven ocean pro EF series software measurement software; Chips, circuit boards, Ming edition, printing, with the measurement model of the Touch Panel. GM series of Seven ocean exclusive technology breakthrough revolutionary image measurement system, combined with the latest Mask technology (Glass Mask) to replace traditional with optical ruler counting measurement mode, its measurement precision can be up to 5 microns.

Sevenocean of independent research and development professional measurement software increased the measuring precision and efficiency of workpiece, ACCURA6 the machine adopt international advanced fully enclosed structure design and the dust pollution prevention, ensure workshop of high precision application environment; Key parts adopt imported top brands, such as the UK Rrnishaw gold grating ruler, import of grinding ball screw, guide rail of imported P level line rail, the Japanese original CCD high-definition picture quality, ensure high precision and reliability of the system operation; Seven sea patent real-time image measuring navigation system; Real-time navigation, real-time control of the current measurement location; Seven ocean  patent three-dimensional lighting system; With industry leading independent property pro EF series seven seas image software, space surface compensation, ensures high precision machine; Mouse control the whole CNC functions, af, automatic measurement, automatic edge, automatic light adjustment, automatic switch ratio; Programmable eight quadrants, 16 channel LED lamp source and parallel to the contour of cold light source.

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