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Seven Ocean becomes blue technology outstanding supplier measurement

source: type: Media Reports Time:2014-02-12 15:28:34

Blue technology co., LTD. In the near future at the "blue 2014 annual supplier conference of science and technology", the Seven ocean measurement because of its high quality products and services, won the blue technology level "2013 outstanding supplier".

Blue technology is China corporation a us-funded enterprises, the main protective glass Windows touch panel, touch module and Windows touch protection new material research and development, production and sales, blue, relying on the seven seas measurements professional high-precision equipment to produce high quality suppliers of products are widely used in the world each big brand of mobile phone, tablet PC, digital camera.

Measurement is now Seven ocean is the sea, kang metering group in China r&d, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the modern production research and development center, made a number of technology patents in image measurement technology, measuring the seven seas in the Bronx, metering group resources and technological advantages, the introduction of international advanced technology, increase research and development, for the Chinese market to provide optimal cost-effective, efficient and stable new optical image products, its products have been widely used in touch screen, electronic, automotive, plastics, machinery processing and other industries, and can according to customer's specific requirements, providing users quickly customized products and solutions.

Measuring Seven ocean are a professional manufacturer of image measuring instrument production, relying on quality products and services, by customers rated as "excellent supplier", is a customer recognition of seven sea measurement products, also reflects the seven sea image measurement technology in the leading position in the field of touch glass recognised.

High quality products and services, are seven sea measurement and each big enterprise to keep long-term cooperation and become a good supplier, the basis of measuring Seven ocean will continue to increase the intensity of product research and development, continue to maintain a good supplier in China's manufacturing industry.


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